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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

30 Hour Teacher Training in 2021

Join Cynthia Funk and Karen Cove

2021 Dates


The most relaxing teacher training you will ever take!

Restorative Yoga has become a much sought after practice. More and more, yoga students are discovering the benefits of this gentle and effective method of relieving chronic mental and physical stress.

This is a hands-on, practical course. Our discussions will explore how to properly teach asana in a restorative way, and how to utilize different props to allow deep relaxation to occur. Restorative sequences are designed to move the spine in every direction, including twists and inverted poses. Focusing on safe sequencing, anatomical discussions are an integral aspect of this teacher training. You will learn the techniques for communicating this practice to others.

Course Outline:

  • Learn about the dance between the autonomic nervous system; sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Delve into the physical, neurological, psychological and energetic effects of restorative yoga
  • Learn the foundational restorative yoga poses including supine postures, twists, and inversions
  • How to skillfully use props including blankets, zafus, bolsters, and eye pillows, to support deep rest
  • Receive basic anatomical information on cautions and contraindications of various poses
  • Deepen your understanding of pranayama techniques and learn what to include and exclude during restorative classes
  • Learn how to layer meditation and visualization techniques into your classes
  • Thoughtful assisting throughout a restorative class
  • Become aware of the best use of language for restorative yoga and learn how to make use of it to deepen the restorative experience
  • Optimize your classroom atmosphere to support the restorative experience
  • Restorative poses to support women during all stages of pregnancy
  • Sequencing, timing, and themes for individual restorative yoga classes, different months and seasons
  • Discussions about working one-on-one with clients, small groups and public

Through this course, you will gain new perspectives on yoga practice through a different lens. Develop an understanding of restorative yoga as a therapeutic tool. Become aware of the effects on your own body, and learn how to observe shifts and changes in your students within a public class setting. Our objective is that you will gain confidence and understanding in restorative yoga so you can use these skills to assist yourself and others.

A certificate of completion will be granted upon successful completion of the course.
28 faculty led hours

1 homework/assignment including readings (2 hours) to be completed by Sunday, March 14, 2021

To receive certification, you must attend all sessions (100% attendance). If you need to miss a portion of the training, please address this with our administration to make up the missed class time privately with Cynthia and Jo.

Program tuition: $600 (Not subject to HST)
Tuition fees are 100% tax-deductible and an Income Tax Receipt is issued.
This course can be used towards a 300 Hour Certificate.
To register and pay contact our Education Program Advisor, Joanne Bot ( or call our Danforth Studio at 416-461-6161.