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Learn to Guide and Deepen Your Practice

Cynthia Funk created the Evolving Spirit Teacher Training Program in 2001. At the time, her studio was operating under the name The Yoga Sanctuary Danforth.

In 2008, The Yoga Sanctuary Danforth,  registered as a Certified Private Educational Institute, with the Federal government, File #7009/11740 ESDC. In 2020 the name of the institution changed to the Yoga Sanctuary Academy. However, the fully accredited registered status remains continuous since 2008. Tuition fees are 100% tax-deductible and students receive an  Income Tax Receipt.

Our Teacher Training Programs are registered with Yoga Alliance of the United States RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). Our graduates enjoy the benefits of this training for a lifetime. Some are teaching around the world, many here in our local community. We have created comprehensive programs that will become the foundation of your yoga career.

Yoga Sanctuary Academy’s programs focus on providing the highest caliber of teacher training. Successful graduates will feel confident to teach classes in Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa lineage. We admit a limited number of trainees into the program. Yoga Sanctuary Academy offers assistance to trainees through regular communication and updates both in-studio and online.

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Training the lovers of yoga to become teachers since 2001.

I have taken several training programs since completing my Teacher Training at the Yoga Sanctuary Academy. Every single time, I’m so thankful for the amazing foundation and training I received from you and the other teachers. I am currently doing a training program with a studio where they are teaching Vinyasa (in the way they want their teachers to teach), and other teachers, who have much more experienced than I, are struggling.I haven’t taught Vinyasa a lot, and yet I am still super comfortable with preparing and teaching a strong healthy sequence that links postures with the breath. I remember so much of what I learned from you. That is because of the very strong background in Ashtanga that you gave me and the care you took in making sure I understood and learned and practiced what was taught.I just wanted to say thank you.  I feel so privileged to have learned from you, Cynthia.
~ Christina
The decision to take Yoga Sanctuary Academy’s 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training became a critical milestone in my personal journey that began a few years ago and continues to grow daily. I’d like to express my gratitude to Cynthia and the wonderful YTT teachers who are passionate and caring enough to pour hours, days, months into cultivating students’ understanding and appreciation of yoga – they are equally graceful in their yoga practice and their life’s training.
~ Janessa G, Graduate of 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
“If there was a ninth limb in Patanjali’s Yoga, it would have to be Yoga Sanctuary’s AYTT program.”
~ Larry S, Graduate of Advance to the Next Level 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Teach what you love!

The aim of Yoga Sanctuary Academy is to reach, teach and inspire our students.

Our yoga teacher training benefits mental health, physical health as well as balancing emotional and spiritual health. Our foundation stands upon the cornerstone of experience, passion and compassion. We support a healthy lifestyle and community.

Yoga Sanctuary Academy offers a level of excellence that can be felt and experienced throughout our training. Our teacher training institute is constantly evolving to remain current. Our administration team provides support for your training and education.

Visit our FAQ page for more information.