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Continuing Education

Maintain Your Yoga Teacher Status

Yoga Sanctuary Academy Academy offers modules from various lineages and aspects of the philosophy and practice of yoga. To maintain your status as a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, you are required to do a minimum of 30 continuing education hours every three years. Our Continuing Education courses range from philosophy to advanced asana. Refine your teaching skills while developing your practice and utilizing this new expertise with your students. 

Professional Development and Skill Upgrading

These programs are for individuals who already have experience in a related vocation of teaching yoga and require upgrading or updating qualifications. These courses help refine your teaching skills and deepen your practice. The extensive curriculum supports you in your progression as an inspiring yoga teacher.

Yoga Sanctuary Academy Academy is proud to have esteemed instructors from our Toronto community who are masterful teachers. We also offer modules with global teachers. They bring a different perspective on yoga and in-depth learning. All of our continuing education programs qualify as electives in our Advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Module-Based Training

Our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is module-based, enabling existing Yoga teachers certified at the 200-hour level to add specialized skills to build to the 500-hour certification level.
• Create your customized timetable and learning stream.
• Complete your 300-hour training in as little as nine months or take up to five years.
• Tailor-made studies! Take the modules that attract you as your lifestyle and finances allow.
• We offer convenient payment plans.
• Tuition fees are 100% tax-deductible. We issue a tax receipt at the end of February of the year following your training.


Yoga Sanctuary Academy is a Private Educational Institute. This flexible study teacher training is a federally registered program with the ESDC (formerly HRSDC) and the Yoga Alliance of the United States.


Hypno Zen

Arm and Hand Balancing

Experiential Anatomy

Kids to Teens Yoga

Pre & Post-Natal Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Seniors Yoga

The Art of Assisting

Yin Yoga

Yoga as Therapy

Yoga for Bigger Bodies