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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Advancing your Knowledge

20 Hour Teacher Training

Join Cynthia Funk

Program tuition: $480 (Not subject to HST)
Tuition fees are 100% tax-deductible, an Income Tax Receipt is issued. This course may be used towards a 300-Hour Certificate.

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Saturday, February 24, 2024 ~ 9:00am-1:00pm  & 2:00 pm-6:30pm

Sunday, February 25, 2024 ~  9:00am-1:00pm & 2:00 pm-6:30pm

*17 faculty-led hours

*3 hours of assignments to be completed by Sunday, March 10, 2024

Course Information

In Restorative Yoga, we are amazed at how easily we change our perspective of time, it seemingly expands as we allow ourselves to… deeply relax, as we are completely supported in the poses; the body, mind, and emotions settle and release.

Restorative Yoga is a magical formula that brings serenity into your busy life. Lingering in poses where there is nothing to be done and nowhere to be, allows us to indulge in conscious rest. For many, it is a divine and nourishing experience with a myriad of physical and mental benefits.

This is a fully interactive and immersive training, tailored to those present. There will be loads of Restorative practice for each participant, so you’ll feel like you’ve been on retreat.

Course Curriculum

  • The Nervous System & Subtle Body
  • How stress affects us
  • Physiology of relaxation and the relaxation response
  • Koshas, subtle anatomy and layers of consciousness
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Restorative Principles and Essentials
  • Setting up basic Restorative Poses
  • Therapeutic Applications
  • Sequencing
  • Incorporating Restorative Yoga into a general yoga class
  • Creative use of minimum to maximum props
  • Teaching tips and Teaching practice

A certificate will be granted upon successful completion of the course.

To receive certification, you must attend all sessions (100% attendance). If you need to miss a portion of the training, please address this with faculty.

Program tuition: $ $480 (no HST)
10% off for YSA Alumni
50% off for those who are repeating the course
Tuition fees are 100% tax-deductible, and an Income Tax Receipt is issued. This course may be used towards a 300-Hour Certificate.

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“I loved the relaxed, informal approach… enough structure alongside flexibility to have a balanced experience. So helpful hearing about the faculty’s own experiences with each component and now having new skills, and techniques which I can use personally and with others.”
~ Deb

This course can be used towards a 300-Hour Certificate.

Who is this program for?
* Yoga teachers (experienced and new)
* Yoga teachers in training
* Personal Trainers
* Fitness Instructors
* Massage Therapists
* Doulas
* Midwives
* Anyone interested or involved in yoga with an interest in developing a body of understanding of Restorative Yoga.

Through this course you will gain new perspectives on yoga practice through a different lens. Develop tools of understanding Restorative Yoga as a therapeutic tool through your own body and learn to observe shifts and changes of students in your classes. Our objective is that you will gain confidence and understanding in Restorative Yoga so you can use these skills to assist yourself and others.

What can I expect?
Our training will enhance your understanding of the foundational poses of Restorative Yoga through the study of the development of the use of props, layered with understanding the changing body as it begins to release and relax during a pose. Pranayama, meditation and visualization will help to round out the experience. Our program is enhanced with the group’s support, experience, interaction and feedback. Your curiosity will support the growth of every participant’s experience.

You will learn:
How to alleviate some common physical complaints as well as deepen your understanding of how to sequence restorative poses for maximum relaxation. Increase your awareness of poses and alignment for various issues. Feel confident on how to enhance your private practice as well as public classes by utilizing these skill sets.

Benefits of the program:
Highly developed and trained instruction, group feedback, in-the-moment evaluation, enhanced self-confidence to lead students with deeper care, compassion and understanding, as well as learning about your own body and deepening your personal practice. 30 hours for Yoga Alliance CEUs or add into your hours toward a 300 hour certification.